Purple Space Cookies (Cali Strain)


indica | AAAA+

Purple Space Cookies (Cali Strain)



Purple Space Cookies: An 80% indica-dominant hybrid born from the union of Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies strains. Its striking appearance boasts dense, elongated nugs with deep purple hues, a frosty coat of trichomes, and a sweet aroma. The flavor is equally delightful, blending sugary berry cookies with fresh grapes and nutty spices. The moment you take that hit, your mouth will explode with it's tasty flavors.  Your taste buds will dance with delight.

Expect an uplifting, creative buzz that melts into a relaxing body high, making it a top choice for managing pain, insomnia, depression, stress, and mood swings. With a potent 20-25% THC content, Purple Space Cookies offers a delightful escape. 

Sorry, the maximum quantity allowed is 5.
Helps With:depression, insomnia, pain, stress
Potency:25% THC, 1% CBD
Aroma:fruity, grape, sweet, woody
Flavour:berry, fruity, spicy, sweet

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