Apes in Space


hybrid | AAAA

Apes in Space


Apes In Space is a captivating hybrid strain, born from the fusion of Falcon 9 and Grease Monkey genetics. This rare creation by Exotic Genetix offers a distinctive experience with its skunky, earthy, and spicy flavor profile, coupled with a well-balanced and potent high.

The buds of Apes In Space showcase a rich dark green hue with hints of purple undertones and accents of vibrant orange hairs. Boasting a THC content ranging from 20% to 25%, this strain is tailored for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Among medical marijuana patients, Apes In Space is a preferred choice for alleviating symptoms related to depression, pain, and stress. Developed by Exotic Genetix, this strain delivers a complex blend of skunk, earth, and spice flavors, with its signature fuel-like aroma attributed to the dominant terpene caryophyllene.

Sorry, the maximum quantity allowed is 5.
Effects:Calming, Euphoric, Focus, Happy, Relaxed
Helps With:depression, pain, stress
Potency:25% THC

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